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  1. Skeet at |

    OMG! Makes you want to throw everything else away and become a teacher. Or a world-class gymnast!

    I guarantee there will be tears.

  2. Danielle Prince at |

    Thank you so much Mrs Booths class for all of your beautiful letters and good luck messages! I really appreciate it! Lots of love Danni Prince

  3. Gina Peluso at |

    Thank you Class 2KB for the lovely letters of support and wonderful cheers. Danni and I are very thankful for all of your kindness. We’ll be thinking of these words when we compete on Friday and Danni aims for a personal best at this Olympic competition.
    Thank you again
    Warm Regards from Rio

  4. Terry Booth at |

    Well done 2KB. Fantastic work and I love your drawings of Danni and the Olympic rings. It is great that you have all given so much support to one of our wonderful Olympic athletes.


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