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  1. Lesley at |

    That’s really wonderful. I don’t know who would love it more — the inspiring children, or the fabulous teacher. Or onlookers like myself. ❤️

  2. Sue Ringler Pet at |

    Dear 3/4KB,

    The college students at Sacred Heart University LOVED your finger print Identity poems! Thank you for the beautiful photographs here on your class blog. They tell so much about your process and products!

    For you, we worked on a set of Identity Riddles. We, too, read Julio Naboa Polanco’s poem entitled “Identity.” After noting the extended metaphors the poet used comparing a person to a “weed” and a “flower,” we thought about other parts of our identities and came up with new metaphors.

    We then extended those metaphors and turned them into riddles, so you might have fun guessing what we’d like to share about ourselves. We added google images to make the metaphors more vivid and guessing more fun.

    The “answers” are at the end of our GOOGLE SLIDESHOW. But, there is really no right answer to any of the riddles. We realized that there are so many sides to our personalities and identities that many synonyms could work. You will likely think of other synonyms!

    So, have fun guessing what you know about us!


    Feel free to comment.
    Thank you for sharing so much with us, across the globe!

    Best wishes,
    2 classes at Sacred Heart University


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